Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Edwards and Sylvia Browne, Psychics or Businessmen?

The ability for a human being to possess psychic abilities has been classified, over the years, as a pseudoscience, having no scientific justification behind it whatsoever. Having said this, how are there still divisions in our government "using" these psychic abilities to help with criminal investigations and other scenarios? The belief that psychic ability exists is widely spread throughout the world, even though it is still a small minority. Random people in society have the right to their own opinions and beliefs, but when the government and law enforcement get involved it becomes controversial to some.

John Edwards and Sylvia Browne had their runs as very famous psychics, which is a very rare feat in itself. Both were very successful and hosted shows in which they would "read" into the minds of members in the audience to tell them about their lost loved ones or other aspects in their lives. Even though psychic abilities have been shunned by science, these people are still watching and believing that these psychics are gifted people, in turn, making them very rich. In my opinion I believe that Edwards and Browne knew exactly what they were doing, not in the sense of them using their "psychic abilities", but rather using the public's fascination of psychic reading to their advantage. I will not say that any person out there could do their job, because Edwards and Browne were pretty talented liars. My question is how can someone reach the level of fame they did doing something like this?

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