Friday, July 1, 2011


I found chapter 5 about Aromatherapy to be very entertaining. I had absolutely no idea that some people genuinely believed in the strength of aromatherapy. Personally, I do enjoy taking baths with some scented oils. But never once did I believe that if i put essential oil in a warm bath while sipping chamomile tea will make me fall asleep instantly. It’s mainly because I just took an hour long hot bath relaxing! I found it funny when Lawson quoted another author saying “For stress, Lavabre recommends relaxation, a better diet, nutritional supplements, more exercise and a few drops of an oil blend” (116). Well obviously! Anyone would be happy and healthy as a horse if they followed that regimen; without the ‘oil blend.’

I really like that the author doesn’t only show what people have claimed that essential oils do for someone, he provides his opinion AND also researches the claims to see just if jasmine cures postnatal depression, etc. I also liked that the author explained how, if essential oils worked. The paragraph about ‘smell is the most direct route to the brain’ really interested me. He said that scent can take to back to a good and happy place, like smelling chocolate chip cookies could remind you of your grandmother. “What they don’t tell you is that the sight of grandma’s photo or hearing her voice can do the same” (118).

Unless essential oils get more researched, I think they’re bologna! Yes I do think the the scent of oils can relax you, but then again can’t any scent that you enjoy relax you? Maybe I would buy lavender scented bubble bath, but I would never buy the oils in hope of being a stress-free individual. I won’t believe in the powers of aromatherapy until more research is done!

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  1. I felt the same way! I never knew that people actually believed this stuff worked and when I read about how they "work" I could not believe people actually fall for this kind of "therapy."