Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DREAM ON.......

Since I was a small child  my mother would comment on her dreams or on  our dreams and give her opinion on certain ones.  She was not necessarily a believer in dreams, or zodiac or  any superstition.  However, if I or anyone else ever said they had a dream about someone that had already died, my mother would say they need prayers.  The dream about  someone dying signified that there would be a birth and likewise if you had a dream that someone was going to have a baby that meant  someone would die.  The information was relayed as simply that the possibility  of this meaning was there.  My mother now 80 years old lives with me and she had a dream about her aunt that passed over 30 years ago.  Her response was " why is she coming to me in my sleep now?  I hope that she is alright and that she is with God."
According to the dream dictionary on the website http://meaningofdreams.org/dream_dictionary/dead_people.htm  
"To dream of dead people shows that they still have a strong influence on your life, that they are part of your psychology. Sometimes dreaming of people that have passed away can also be caused by thoughts or feelings you are having about death in waking life."  This gives a very general explanation and certainly explains that this person has been in your mind.  Well if you know them,  then surely they are a memory.  This generalization however does not really mean a thing.  Anyone can use this interpretation to fit the dream.  Most of the sites give a general idea and then also include another general idea that the reader will most likely make more specific to fit their own life.  There are numerous sites that will take your money and interpret your dream for a fee.  Have your credit card ready and you can find out in three easy steps what the experts will interpret your dream to mean.  Lucid dreams  will tell you all you need to know and the science behind them.  I looked and did not find anything scientific about dreams or how their experts could be or have been tested.  The video and reference to Brian in chapter 7 who claims to dream all the time and that 84% percent of them are accurate also gives reasons as to why we believe or want to believe.  The ambiguous meaning and the lack of comparison that Brian and others fail to supply or the "seek and you shall find" problem which is when certain words lead us to find what we are looking for but do not  truly give specific results to our search, only helps these sites to make money from the desire of people to find answers even if they must over look common sense.  Look at the advertisements on these sites and as you scroll over CNN you may think it is a link to take you to a reliable source,  if you trust CNN,  when in reality it will take you to another website that will gladly take that credit card number again and tell you exactly what you want to hear!

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