Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Energy from a Necklace?

You may have seen this necklace worn by many popular baseball players. This miracle necklace is made by a Japanese company called Phiten. Phiten claims that these products ease neck and shoulder pain, relax muscles and increase blood circulation. However, these great health benefits aren't limited to only your neck and shoulders, you also can buy bracelets and anklets that are said to reduce fatigue and enhance athletic ability. Not a fan of baseball? No problem. Phiten also has a NBA collection full of the same products. You can't forget about their line of titanium massage lotions and athletic tapes as well.

The idea behind the Phiten technology begins with their unique Aqua Metals. These special materials consist of metal pieces that are broken down into microscopic particles and dispersed in water. The Aqua Metals are then fused into the fabric of the jewelry. Placing these titanium necklaces on your body supposedly stabilizes the electric flow that nerves use to communicate actions to the body.

This company makes claims that are similar to that of the Q-Ray and numerous other miracle products. There is no scientific evidence that supports the claims of Phiten. Although they mention several scientists and a million dollar research budget, they have yet to provide any published reports. Maybe these athletes should start believing in the placebo effect as much as they believe in the Phiten.



  1. it's amazing how people actually believe these types if things and really think that jewelry will make their aches and pains, as well as performance levels, better.

  2. Its crazy how this miracle necklace became so popular in a short amount of time. So many players are wearing the necklaces now that it has become a part of the team’s uniform. Its interesting how the placebo affect has made the players believe they have more energy and better balance and less pain due wearing the necklace.