Tuesday, July 19, 2011


     The book Voodoo Science The Road from Foolishness to Fraud by Robert Park is a collection of questionable ideas and practices that are used in society today.  Robert Park   exposed the so-called scientific discoveries as junk science because the scientific community can not test the results  of the so-called medicines and machines. From healing hands that can somehow feel and draw from patients negative energy which traps disease inside of  the body, and a machine that could eliminate the energy bill of every home.  Park puts the words into an easy read for anyone to grasp.  The reader will not get lost on terminology and long scientific explanations that happens so often when reading a book about science.
     Robert Park holds the media responsible for  elevating so much junk science to a level far above the attention it should ever receive.  The public is the victim in more ways than one.  Not only are major television stations negligent when it comes to exposing the truth in order to increase their ratings but the American tax payer is trusting that elected officials will make good decisions when allocating funds for research in the scientific community.  The congress allows dollars to fund junk science which will not bring any improvement to the American people's health or welfare.  These are trusted servants and citizens should be able to expect more.
     The best part of the book was when Robert Park reports on the findings of nine year old Emily Rosa exposes the therapists that are trained in the area of "Therapeutic touch."  These therapists are in hospitals and clinics all over the country.  They do not work for free and claim that they heal by pulling out negative energy.  They can feel the energy.  There is no proof whatsoever but someone is paying them.  So when Emily sets up a simple experiment for her fourth grade science project she discredits these professional therapists simply by asking them if her hand is over their right or left hand.  If they felt her energy as claimed they would know.  The fact is they did not know and yet so many people believe.  Because they want to believe and have faith may have an effect on their healing.  It is not because the therapist feels their energy!
     This book was very interesting and I only regret that I downloaded it on my Kindle and so I can not pass it on to someone else to read .  I would recommend it for anyone that appreciates the truth even if they have to pull their head out of the sand to hear it.

Due to technical difficulty (children not cooperating) my video on the VooDoo Healer Mom that pulls the "giggles" out of her child through touch can not be viewed at this time!


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