Thursday, July 14, 2011

Superstition :Belief in the Age of Science

The book I chose to read was Superstition, by Robert L. Park. This book was very interesting to me in many different ways. Park explores the many different and unique superstitions that most of us heard of throughout our lives. Through stating facts about scientific data and showing what religion has to offer, Park brings to light the differences between the two and how science always overrules religious beliefs involving superstitions. Using science he battles controversial beliefs in the media and the difference between science and pseudoscience.
My favorite topic in this book is the superstitions in which Park talks about. The creation myth had my imagination running wild while reading about the topic. Parks says, “For 160,000 years, superstition held Homo Sapiens captive”. (P.28) When I read this I can only imagine one thing. Throughout the history of the world humans have been so stuck on God as being the ultimate creator of the world and could never use science to ultimately figure out the true way the universe was created. Park talks about the way we use superstition in ways to “cure” diseases through medical myths.
“Those who practice black magic take care to perform every incantation exactly as it is dictated by ancient lore lest they inadvertently call down the forces of darkness on themselves.” (P. 171) In this those who practice black magic have no way of knowing what is important. Homeopathy is described in this book as an art which is still used today out of Hahnemann’s two hundred year old Orgnanon. This also has been shown to be nothing more than a quaint superstition in which science has proved it wrong.
Superstition was extremely interesting to me and I loved the way Park explained many different superstitions and beliefs. He helped me to understand why most of these were labeled superstitions due to science ruling out the obvious. This journey into the mind of Robert L. Park has been intriguing and very entertaining, so I wish to read more books that he has written.

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