Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ghost of Emily

Growing up in Ocean City, NJ, The Flanders Hotel was known as a historical building where many local events would take place. It was also known for being haunted by a ghost named Emily.

I have heard of many of the stories about Emily over the years. Both staff and guests have made claims that they witnessed or heard from Emily. A painting has been hung in The Flanders, depicting Emily. Most people are not scared of the thought of Emily and The Flanders Hotel does not seem to lose business because of the supposed ghost. The entire town seems to be behind the idea of Emily. She is described as a happy ghost, which seems to put people at ease. She has been seen wandering the halls or heard laughing. Since there is events there daily, many pictures have shown odd lighting or shadows, who people say could be Emily.

I have never personally seen a ghost, but I support the thought of Emily because it adds a bit of fun to the town's already pretty exciting history. Now that their has been so many Emily sitings, it may be a figment of people's imagination if any one makes a claim that they see her today.

New Jersey has many tales, such as the Jersey Devil who apparently lives by Stockton, or so I've heard.There are many websites with stories of Emily, if anyone would like to read a little more in depth about her or The Flanders, which has a very unique/eerie history even without the ghost of Emily.


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