Thursday, August 6, 2015

weather and arthritis

People try and form relationships between variables, even when none exist. It's a way for people to comprehend why and how things happen. In chapter 2 of the textbook, there is a section that explains the myth that the weather may affect arthritis pain. The belief is that the change in the barometric pressure and temperature causes a flare up in your joints or surgical implants. The study cited within the textbook reveals that there is no statistical correlation between the two.

I did a little research online and found information on this website:

This website cites a study conducted at Tufts University in Boston where there was an increase in arthritis pain after a temperature drop of 10 degrees. Although this conflicts with what was stated in our textbook, I personally believe that weather does not affect arthritis pain. A couple years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident that eventually led to multiple surgical implants in my arm that causes  arthritis pain in my wrists. I don't think I've ever noticed a difference in pain when the weather changes. But you never really know!


    Hello Andrew,
    Interesting insight on this topic , I reviewed the link that you posted regarding arthritis and the effect weather can have on this medical condition. The data that was obtained was on cadavers studying the hip joint when exposed to varies degrees of weather change. My question to this is when one has a medical condition there are multi factors that contribute to the disease process and how the body responds to it. Meaning that mobility is a vital contributor to the level of discomfort one may feel if the person has arthritis ,the cadaver lack this function. There are many contributing factors as to why people experience discomfort sometimes it is easier just to blame it on the weather and continue with our day.

  2. I have severe knee pain, and always when it is cloudy, rainy, or about to snow out my knee hurts. I used to think my knees could tell the weather LOL! Not sure if it was just my brain telling myself my legs hurt cause it was about to rain or if the pain was actually caused by the rain. Anyway, awesome read!