Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paranormal and Future Technology

Paranormal activity has been a touchy subject for many. There are so many different opinions across the globe as to what actually happens beyond death, if anything at all. Many believe our bodies are a physical vessel which carries our soul through life on Earth. Others think once we have passed, that is it. Today, most of our influence comes from questionable television programs and fictional films. There’s no doubt that everyone growing up would watch a ghostly movie, then any sounds or light seen for the rest of the night became paranormal. The guided imagery from these sources has given many of us a dualistic paranormal belief that the soul can leave the body. I always wonder what our views on the afterlife would be like without these shows and movies. We would all have a more open view without suggestion. As of now, paranormal activity remains a pseudoscience. There is no tangible and replicating evidence to support its existence. I am extremely interested to know what the future of technology can unlock when it comes to this topic. Who knows, maybe we will one day be able to tap into another dimension.

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