Sunday, August 9, 2015


Growing up at the Jersey Shore, my summer nights were filled with exciting walks on the boardwalks. With that, came the $5 psychic palm readings at every corner. My friends and I would always go and these psychics would all tells us the same things, “the boy you are dating is your soul mate,” “something exciting is going to happen to you soon,” “you are going to get into an awesome college”. At the time, all of these forecasts seemed amazing and we all were beyond thrilled. It wasn’t until years later when our lives changed and we realized that the psychic’s predictions were wildly false that I started to questions psychics in general.
            How can we believe these generic statements that they tell us? How can we put so much trust into strangers? How do we even spend money on them? Is it for the hope? The fun? Or do people actually believe that their statements can be true?  By definition, a psychic is relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance (dictionary).
            In my intense curiosity, I decided to research how psychics claim to work on the Internet. I read a handful of articles and most of them said they every single person is actually psychic—but some people’s ability is stronger than others. In one of the articles, it answered Jay Leno’s infamous question of  how come psychics aren’t constantly winning the lottery then? The response actually was interesting, “Intuitive people pick up on energetic signals.  There is no energy connected with lottery numbers because they are drawn by chance.
Just like a bloodhound needs to use the scent of a missing person to help locate that person, a legitimate psychic needs to read energy to gather information about a particular person or situation.” These articles claimed that psychics work off of people’s energy and off of our “Higher Self”. They said that all people have this ability, but it can range from simple intuition to connecting with spirits (Psychic Readings Guide, LLC). Full article here:
            In the past decade, mediums/psychics have become D-list celebrates—having their own shows like “Long Island Medium” and “Psychic Kids”. With the popularity of psychics comes double the amount of skeptics. In the past year, there have been so many rumors of apparent fraud by the Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo. This link is a video of Caputo in her “performance”,, in which she performs a tactic known as cold reading, which is guessing predictions until finally hitting the nail on the head. This tatic, as well as being overly generic and preforming “warm reading”, is a very popular technique used by psychics.

            So whether or not Theresa Caputo is phony or the psychics on the boardwalk are a fraud, we all apparently have had some type of form of intuition in our life which is said to be the basis of having psychic abilities. So who knows, maybe one of you reading this is the next big psychic star with their very own TV show???

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