Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gravity Hill

     I have always been a fan of "Weird New Jersey" and have visited countless different places mentioned in the book. There is always an eerie vibe about the locations, and on more than one occasion I have experienced some unexplainable phenomenons. One location sticks out the most in my memories of my weird NJ hunting and that was Gravity Road/Hill in Hopewell. Now although this wasn't one of my more frighting experiences, I find this to be one of the coolest. There are many stories that go along with this road which adds to the thrill of it. The tales all have the same bases that a terrible death accorded in the farm house that sits right off the road. The story I was told when visiting involved a husband and wife that lived alone in the farm house. The husband would beat the wife until one day she finally fought back and knocked him out. She the began to drag his body up the hill where she left him for dead tied to a tree which she still haunts today. The myth goes if you pull you car up to the spot on the road (which is now conveniently marked by signs) and put your car in neutral the women's ghost, or some force, will either pull or push back up the hill.
     When I went to test this out I had serious doubts, but sure enough when my friend put his VERY heavy truck in neutral we began to slowly roll back up the hill. I was in shock, but it did not stop there. We kept going faster and faster and got up to 35 mph, in neutral, going up a hill! At one point I even had my friend put both of his feet up to make sure he was not playing a joke on me.
     Another part of Gravity Hill I wish I tested out is seeing hand prints on the bumper of your car that allegedly belong to the women's ghost. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on the bumper and after your thrilling ride back up the hill check for the hand prints of the ghost pulling/pushing you.
     Needless to say whatever forces were in play, whether it was physics, or something paranormal it was a cool experience and I would recommend trying it out. Although a word of caution, the cops do not take kindly to people testing out this myth and will not hesitate giving out tickets.

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