Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ouji Boards

Ouji Boards are a hot topic in the world of paranormal related incidences. With movies coming out all about the Ouji Board more and more people are beginning to try it out. The Ouji board is said to awaken a spirit and guide the user over different letters to answer questions.
            I have never had any personal experience with these but I can say that I have heard numerous stories. Stories about how someone talked to a loved one who passed away. Or how someone awakened an evil spirit that caused bad things to happen. It’s usually always the same story either way.

            In the scientific realm the Ouji Board is described as a board game that usually brings out an unconscious thought or expression of the user. The people who believe to be communicating with the dead are in fact harboring the ideas and answers themselves. If you were to take a person and blindfold them and have an open-minded person evaluate them, more often than not there would not be any legible words spelled out on the board.


  1. I have heard countless stories about different peoples experiences with the Ouji board and as you stated they are usually the same, but never dull, stories. I for one would never use the Ouji Board in fear of awakening something I do not wish to come in contact with. I am not sure if I believe the board has some sort of abilities or if it is just the rituals that go with it, either way it is something I stay away from.

  2. I've always thought that spirits are an interesting topic, I even had a ouija board when I was younger. But I never really took it seriously since I always thought that the people I was using it with were moving the little arrow on purpose. They do make for a good scary story though as we have seen in movies like Paranormal Activity. I even have a friend who messed with one once and swears that it invited something into her house that still has not left. Cool topic!

  3. Im glad you posted this, I have a funny story to comment. When I was younger, the neighborhood kids and I would all get together and play the Ouji Board. But of course we were scared of the unknown, and worried that we were playing with the devil. But, we played it anyways, I guess Jumanji had us enthralled. The board would tell us out who had crushes on who, when everyone would die, what the spirit's name was who we were communicating with... Ya right!? lol.. Well, the craziest, and funniest thing was planning ahead of time with a friend and engraving the name "AJ" on a specific tree in the neighborhood early in the day, prior to our ouji-seance. Needless to say, the spirit was named "AJ" that evening, and had told us we could find proof of his "existence" on that certain tree. We had everyone freaked out for a solid 6 years. All in good fun, I am definitely not a believer of this paranormal.

  4. When I first heard about the idea of Quiji boards, the idea of being able to communicate with loved ones enlightened me. But like anything that can not be scientifically proven, I could not believe it for a second. In the other hand, my roommate last year was absolutely dying to give the board a shot. We turned the lights off, got in a circle, lit some candles, and before we knew it the fire alarm went off. It is fair to say we will never try that again.