Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chapter 6.2 talks about Alien abductions for a moment stating “scientists do not believe in testimonials of abductions because although people may actually believe they have been abducted they are recounting events that have never taken place” (Lawson 160). I think that there’s a lot going on out there in this big universe of ours and there is a lot of questions that will never be answered. That said as a scientific person you cannot discount the improbable and label it impossible due to your own point of view. There is a lot evidence that can be taken a thousand different ways and the application of logic alone will only falsify ones perspective. There has been things going on in colonial America since we got here that are unexplained, and alien phenomenons around the world since the earliest civilizations. These things can’t be discounted as psychological mishaps and an underwhelming logical explanation just because someone wants to. I think ample research and an open (anything is possible) mind are necessary to approach these topics.

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