Saturday, August 1, 2015

Believe it or not....

                    Pseudoscience and Paranormal Book report

    I choose to read Michael Shermers’ “ Why People Believe Weird Things.”  This was decided upon after reviewinPseg the suggested books and decided I would read it as I do believe weird things.  I am being honest here and that was the reasoning behind it.  So then why do people believe weird things, well it is fun to believe and there is an entertainment value in the weird things that go on in this world today.  It can be a way to escape the reality of everyday life and all that it entails; some may say a stress reliever.  The book, its topic and the contents are not going to solve any world problems but if anyone wants to read about the craziness that can occur.  For instance if you would like to read about a a sleep deprived long distance bike rider thinking he is abducted by aliens or the “anesthetic prowler on the loose “ in Mattoon, Illinois this is the book for you.  Shermer will give you a rational explanation of the weird things and then describe actual personal experiences.  The book is broken down into parts from one through five and each part has chapters.  I personally enjoyed reading part two, which was about pseudoscience and superstitions. 

In the class lectures online I recall a video of a guy who was with his friends in Snowflake and recalls seeing a UFO and an unexplained loss of time.  He explains it as an alien abduction.  Well with still no reason confirmed he was probably abducted is how he continues to explain his lost time.  As for the book and the one description of possible alien abduction, the author can explain his sleep deprivation as the reason behind him thinking he was abducted.  In these different instances and many other talks and readings and UFO sightings, there can most times be explanations. But for some, there is not. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on “Why Smart People Believe Weird Things,” what I am concluding on this chapter and this book in general is that everyone has a mind of their own and can believe what they want to believe.  No one can make up your mind for us, we are all our own person and have our own minds.  I do believe that a lot of the things I have read about can and will happen. It is all our own opinions.  Believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I want to. Believe it or not, I’m leaving you with the following song.   It takes me back to when I was young as I just wrote this out, who else is going to remember with me.  

(video from youtube)

So why do people believe weird things is what we read, well why do people do weird things is another question?  Well I am not really a daring person or someone who does weird things, but I did jump off a bridge last summer and I was not even being chased, I did it for my sons 13th birthday.  

                                           (  kelly smiths photo, kelly jumping from Manteo, NC bridge)

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