Monday, August 10, 2015


As I go through our chapters to find an interesting topic to further discuss, I came across the title behind chapter 3 that starts with, "10% of our brains...". The PowerPoint briefly touches up on the topic and what would be possible if we were to utilize a higher percentage. My immediate reaction was something along the line of, "I wish...." and a sudden realization that Bradley Cooper showed us all what could happen through his movie Limitless.

Although our book states that a greater percentage use of our brain could lead to have possible telepathy and psychokinesis skills, the skills Bradley Cooper seemed to gain for the long run were more related to those of a drug-addict. Cooper had the ability to reach all 100% of his brain activity through a pill that some people compare to ADHD medication. His concept of time was getting lost as he says, "I have no memory of the past 4 days" and his withdrawal symptoms grew tremendously. The great Robert De Niro played a key role in the movie and asked Cooper if he has asked himself what he will do if he were to run out, to which he quickly responded with, "you'll die". 
I would recommend this 2011, PG-13 movie to anyone!

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  1. Good post,
    This seems to be just another Hollywood movie that makes a movie out of a myth. While using 10% of our brain is only a myth, many people believe it, and Hollywood does nothing but spread it. Recently, they came out with the movie Lucy, where she uses more than the 10% and gains all the powers the book discusses and more. These myths will always be around, as they are so easy to spread, and people believe them so easily.