Monday, August 10, 2015

Dream Catchers

While we touched the topic of dreaming, one must know that not all dreams are necessarily good dreams. While the act of a dream can be fascinating to some people, others view dreams as a terrifying, inevitable experience. I can speak from personal experience when I say that having nightmares is one of the worst things about my childhood. I was terrified on a daily basis and found myself praying before going to sleep, without the consideration of being religious. I thought nightmares go away with age until I found myself still waking up scared at the age of 21. It was not until about a year ago that I decided to do something about it. When I say “do something about it” I really mean that time I went shopping for my bedroom decors and finally decided to buy one of those overly rated dream catchers. You know, the one in every must-have-dorm catalogues and that new, “must have” tattoo every teenager is now dying to get.

(Don’t get me wrong, that dorm is to die for, and those tattoos are what you call Sexy.)

But do they work? Or is it just for the looks? We might never know for sure! Although I am a skeptic when it comes to most things that cannot be proven scientifically, this one has me almost believing in this magic in the Native American tradition. Traditional dream catchers are intendedto protect people who are sleeping from bad dreams, while still letting thegood dreams come true. From my experience, after having the dream catcher hang from my ceiling for about a week I practically forgot I had a nightmare problem altogether. Was it just good timing? Was it Placebo affect? Or do the bad dreams actually get caught in the web of the dream catcher?

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