Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cry Baby Bridge

The Van Sant Covered Bridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has a common nickname, people call it “Cry Baby Bridge”.  There are many stories as to how it got this awkward name, notably the notorious murder of a woman and her child, by the husband/father.  The father is said to have been hung for his crimes from the rafters.  People travel afar to visit this particularly haunted bridge, in hopes to gain a taste of the paranormal activities rumored to occur here.  Many have said they can audibly hear a woman crying, in search and mourning the death of her child.  Some say they hear a woman screaming, attributed to her brutal murder.  Others have also stated seeing a physical being hanging by the neck, his eyes fixated on the viewer.  While others have simply said it is just a creepy old bridge in a rural area with no streetlights.  The most proving evidence of paranormal activity at the location is from visitor’s photographs, and video footage.  Many photographs/videos seem to have shadowy figures, resembling humans in them, which are just unexplainable.  I have visited this bridge a few times myself with some friends and, although, have never witnessed anything I would consider paranormal/haunted, I must say it is literally a terrifying place to be in the middle of the night.  Check out some home video footage from the Van Sant Bridge on youtube, it's creepy!!


  1. This looks so creepy! As I've only recently started living in New Jersey (I'm from New Mexico), there are so many places I still need to explore. I just saw a video on YouTube, and apparently two ladies heard some noises, but it wasn't recorded, sadly. I hear that some people actually have the ability to see ghosts if they have a clear mind and could focus. Personally, I'd be afraid to try it out. At the same time, I'd probably be desperate to experience anything paranormal that I'd probably hallucinate. I'm glad you posted this; I'll definitely be visiting this bridge sometime.

  2. I am fairly new to New Jersey as well, but welcome to the garden state, and thanks for your comment! If you are into sight-seeing, the historic towns and covered bridges of Bucks County, PA are a must see. There is also many different, supposedly haunted destinations within the county. The Van Sant Bridge has been restored in recent years, and doesn't seem creepy in daylight. However, to see it in its "glory" you must go at night. I can assure you, you will be creeped out regardless of an paranormal activity.