Monday, August 10, 2015

Tellington Touch for Animals

The Tellington Touch Technique was developed by Linda Tellington Ph.D. She uses the power of touch to train and heal animals both domestic and wild.  The use of small circular hand movements over the animals body for healing has surprised the most educated animal experts  worldwide.  The Tellington touch or "T touch" has 1600 practitioners in 28 countries. The energy that the touch provides aids in calming of the animals.  It was used on the most aggressive animals and was proven effective.  The whale in the movie Free Willy suffered from a papilloma virus under one of it's fins.  Dr. Tellington performed T touch to the whale and the virus started to disappear almost instantly.  This is a strange coincidence.  Could this be truley effective? I found this technique to be extremely interesting while I was watching Unsolved Mysteries.


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