Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lucy and the 10% Myth

            Just recently I watched a new movie called Lucy. This movie is about a 25-year-old woman, Lucy, who was forced into drug trafficking. When she was captured, the valuable synthetic drug, CPH4, was sewn into her abdomen. As a drug mule in captivity, Lucy was kicked in the stomach by one of her captors, forcing the drug to release inside her abdomen. From this drug, Lucy begins gaining increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Three of these capabilities are telepathy, telekinesis, and mental time travel. With this being said, all I could think about is the 10% myth that our book talks about. I found it so interesting that Hollywood was able to create a movie based off false science, and still have so many people believe it! I actually think it is unfair for them to teach people false facts, but hey, that’s what Hollywood’s good for. Even though knowing that people use 100% of their brain before watching this movie kind of ruined it, I was still happy that I learned this before I believed the movie!

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