Sunday, August 2, 2015


Over the last several years, many major league baseball players have been spotted during the games wearing these bulky metal necklaces. I never knew what they were until I did some research on them. They didn't  look like it was for any religious belief. These necklaces were used to help players perform better. It was also supposed to ease fatigue and shortening their recovery time. But how does this do all of that I ask. According to ARS technical the secret to these necklace is that it is made out of titanium nanoparticles that can help the body's own energy flow more readily. I believe that this necklace is more a placebo if anything. With all these major league teams paying high performers lucrative salaries, these athletes will try anything and anything to be the best performer on the field.
Even though the necklace really never do anything physically to their body to make them perform better, I think most of it is all in their heads.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I would see these necklaces too, and always wondered what they were for. The Placebo Effect has always interested me. I think it works with the Law of Attraction as what you believe is what you become. As an athlete, you are especially motivated towards success. The mind is very powerful that it really doesn't need a placebo or anything, but I suppose it's easier to believe in an object than just to believe from nothing.