Saturday, February 25, 2012

What goes around comes around, Karma

QUESTIONS: The idea of Karma has been around for centuries among the Eastern population, Why is this belief so popular?  Also if such is true does Karma help identify good people from bad people? Many people believe in Karma because it seems to be an explanation as to why the fortunate or misfortunate event has happened to themselves or someone else. At the same time Karma helps encourage people to do good deeds in the hope that bad luck won’t bite them in the butt, and gives “educators” their “students” a reason as why be good in life.  Karma does not identify good people from bad people but only what they deserve even in cases that seem injustice.

INFORMATION: In Hinduism and Buddhism it is the action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Basically means that the action that has currently took place is as a result of a good or bad action done in the past. Hence if something good happens to you, it’s because of a good deed done in the past. If something bad happens, because you have done something bad in the past. The past can be referred to as this lifetime or a previous life time.

IMPLICATION: If this concept is 100% accurate, then we wouldn’t need our criminal justice systems because every bad deed done will receive equal punishment due to the laws of karma. The US government should have never given land reservation to the Native Americans because their native ancestors deserved all the bad things that happened to them. Matter of fact, all African and Indian slaves “deserved” to die as well according to the laws of karma. All people with a terminating illnesses deserve all the pain and suffering as well! (All extreme implications I know!)

MY POINT OF VIEW: Yes, there are explanations for why things happen to people but I would not blame them on karma. I believe that anything can happen to anyone. People can do good things with bad intentions for example some candidate going volunteering one day just so they have a “good name”. I see bad things happen to truly good people for example the person hit by a drunk driver.  I also believe that this idea in some case may be reinforced by people selectively connecting similar events together.  Also one major reason I’d say this idea is a little hard to believe for me is because I see my so called  “past life”, nor do I know anyone that can see into other peoples past lives. 

sonya shah

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  1. this is a very good article. I always hear people say what goes around, comes around. this is a very popular phrase. i myself, do believe in karma. i feel as though if you do well for others than others will do well for you. it seems that everytime you do, do something good, that you are rewarded in the end with something good. If you do somehting bad than maybe you will get caught or somewhere down the line when you do want somehthing, you will not get it because you did not deserve it, karma. Karma is a very powerful source.