Saturday, February 4, 2012

palmistry or palmystery?

Information: Palmistry is “the art or practice of telling fortunes and interpreting character from the lines and configurations of the palm of the person’s hand.”  The palm is said to tell about the person’s future or their personality traits, this is done through interpreting many different type of features in the hand. For example the shape of the palm, lines on the palm, depth and direction of the lines, shape of finger tips, length of fingers and etc.  Once understanding the meaning of the lines anyone is able to read palms but only gain knowledge about the person’s personality but have no knowledge about the person’s future. Only astrologers or other “special readers” can read the future from a palm. Though it cannot be just any hand, in order to read the future, you put your active hand forth, thus making the less active hand information of your past.
Experience: my parents had called over a Hindu swami to our home when I was in the 10th grade. First the swami asked me which hand I wrote with, putting out my right he then grabs it and begins putting my hand in a certain position. He tells me not to make my hand too stiff or too loose.  When reading my palm he barely gave any information. First after looking at my hand he says to my parents “Ahh, your daughter is very understanding!” Then he points at a specific line on my hand and says that I am very understanding because this line right here is very long. Then he tells my parents that I will go in the science field and that there are no problems with my marriage in the future. He turns to me and tells me that in my future I will choose between two type of men , he said “ One man will be all baby baby to you while the other man will be calm and a good friend to you,  make sure you choose the right one.” When looking at my brother’s hand he says, “Oh this boy used to be very very sick when young!” My parents amazed said, “Yes, yes! He was!” and go into several health problems my brother has in the past. The swami also tells my brother that he will finally gain some sense when he’s 25. Before the leaving the Swami gave us special necklaces to protect me and my brother from any harm, and to wear them at all times.
Question: Since everyone has different fingerprint blueprints on their hands, how can they provide a concrete outline of personality traits for each characteristic of the hand? Wouldn’t the blueprint for every hand be different? Does the hand indicate more biological traits rather than personality traits? Can the future really be read or is this a hoax. We cannot simply change our DNA, thus making the characteristics on our hand permanent, meaning I can’t change my future, is this evidence of fate?   
Assumptions: Being able to read your palm will help you learn about your personality and personalities of others, allowing you to find a suitable match for yourself. You can solve your love, money, career, health, spiritual, work problems and probably more. 

-Sonya Shah 

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