Monday, February 27, 2012

Structurally Altered Water

            First I would like to start with some information about structurally altered water claims. Scientists promoting this structurally altered water were stating that this particular water had “altered water clusters”. This is just a crazy claim in itself. The scientific community would not support this claim, but that did not stop some scientists from claiming that these clusters could cure toxins in the body. A more disturbing claim is that made that water with “clean memory” (clean water) could counter flow with polluted water. The polluted water’s memory would be cleaned by the clean water’s memory. This counter-flow of water memory would clean and revitalize the polluted water. There is another type called Electrolysed water; the exact mechanism of how this works is unknown and not accepted by the FDA or FTC. However, it is actively advertised in Japan. This water is said to contain hydrogen in the form of atoms instead of the H2 molecules found in water (H2O) and is said to cure certain diseases such as gangrene, hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetes and even cancer.

            Now think about the assumptions people are making by accepting the information of such claims. Electrolysed water is claiming to separate the hydrogen atoms of water, creating this alkaline water. This product is sold without even knowing the exact mechanisms on how it works. They are purchasing this “special” in hopes that it might cure one of their diseases. The idea of the structure of water being manipulated is also hard to believe. All of these “special” waters claim to cure diseases.
            The article for Electrolysed was can be found at the bottom of this post.

            The implications and consequences to using these products is quite simple. These products are a waste of money, and hardly believable. Scientists that support these claims are implying that drinking water, altered or not, can actually cure diseases. Furthermore, they can cure diseases as complicated as cancer. Cancer is a very vicious disease in which the cells affected with cancer have no pre-determined death, and the cells continue to make new cells. Why would simply changing the structure cure any of these diseases? Why would a hydrogen atom cure any of these diseases? None of the information provided on these pages for the different types of “special” water even attempt to give a detailed explanation as to how. The only information provided is that certain diseases can be cured by this type of altered water. The consequences are not severe, but if you use your common sense you just know that these claims are ridiculous, especially the idea of “memory cleaning” techniques of water.

            Lastly, my point of view is that these claims are bogus. Is clean water healthy for you? Absolutely. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, and I think you will be okay. As far as diseases go, how can structurally altered water cure such things if we have a hard enough time controlling cancer with chemical components such as drugs. Chemotherapy sometimes cannot cure cancer, so I’m sure that water certainly will not either. 

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