Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psychic Surgeries: More Harm Than Good?

      The question at hand is "Do psychic surgeries do more harm than good?" Psychic surgeries appear to be on the rise, with more and more people turning to "Holistic Healing". The problem with this is, do these surgeries really help? The United States took notice of this procedure in 1959 after the publication of "Into the Strange Unknown", by Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill. The authors called this procedure "fourth dimensional surgery", and wrote " [We] still don't know what to think; but we have motion pictures to show it wasn't the work of any normal magician, and could very well be just what the Filipinos said it was-a miracle of God performed by a fourth dimensional surgeon."
    The purpose of these surgeries vary from very benign illnesses to claims of curing cancer. The surgeons use nothing but their bare hands to remove whatever the ailment is, and when the surgery is complete the incision requires no stitches, not even a bandage. This all sounds to good to be true to me, and many other people feel the same way. In 1975 the Federal Trade Commission declared that "psychic surgery is nothing but a total hoax."
   Some consequences of people foregoing actual medical treatment and going to a psychic surgeon are that they may actually believe that this procedure will work, and by the time they see an actual medical doctor it could be to late. While the procedure may not be directly hazardous to the patient, the delay the patient may wait to see an actual doctor could be extremely harmful and even fatal.
    In my point of view, since there is no data to show that psychic surgeries can help in the slightest bit, if  you have an illness go to a medical doctor. Many people have been able to prove that these procedures are nothing but slight-of-hand, and with a little practice anyone could be a psychic surgeon. Many magicians, including James Randi, and Criss Angel have shown exactly how this procedure is done, and some of the tricks to pull one of these procedures off. this link will take you to the James Randi video, that shows how these procedures are done.

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