Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dying to follow aliens

Heavens gate was based in San Diego Founded by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The group Followed a comment called hale-bopp Was being followed by a Space ship, in order to join this comet they had to shear their bodies and let their souls be free. The group went through a pre departure ritual, all members wore new black and white Nike wind runner shoes, Black sweat pants and shirts With an arm band that had a patch of Heavens gate away team, And their faces and torsos were covered by a purple square cloth. 39 people ages 26-72 were found on March 26 1997 lying Neatly in their bunk beds. After autopsys were completed it was concluded that the members died in shifts, the first and second groups consisted of 15 people then the last group was 9 people. The lethal mixture was Applesauce Or pudding mixed with phenobarbital And washed down with vodka in addition some Had plastic bags secured around their heads to insure asphyxiation. Since this there have been attempts from other members some fatal and some were found I time to be saved. Many news reporters followed the story from beginning to end, as was the articles that I have read about the cult. I personally thought that this way of dying is ridiculous and feel that after reading up on the topic that the more I read the crazier I thought it is. The goal of this suicide was to let their souls take on the next level life with the comet. But I conclusion they died, who knows where their souls went because there is no technology to show what comes of us in the after life. But in their minds they are up there in space with the aliens!

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