Saturday, February 4, 2012

Criss Angel: Satanic or Not?

Many claims against the work of Criss Angel have stated that he’s fake, and they question the meanings of his illusions. This leads people to wonder if Criss Angel and his illusions are satanic and whether his work is of the devil. I am also wondering and I question if Criss Angel's works are satanic.
Some information about Criss Angel is that he is magician; he creates illusions through trickery and magic. He has ‘performed’ for people all over the world with mind-boggling tricks and realistic illusions. At a young age, Criss Angel was interested in magic which later turned into a full blown career after landing a job in New York City in 1998. Ever since then, people love to watch Criss Angel and see the growth of him for over 10 years. He especially became well-known for his show "Mindfreak", which jumpstarted in 2005, where he created famous illusions in front of crowds and crowds of people. 

Some of the concepts that link to his questionable satanism are his name and illusions. His real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, but his stage name is "Criss Angel". Could the name change to Criss Angel signify "fallen angel"? (Fallen angels are those who have rebelled against, such as Lucifer according to the Bible) Also, in the Bible, Satan is an angel of light in which comes out to deceive people. Magic and illusions also deceive people from reality. Is this just superstition? It's a possibility he follows Satan. One of Angel's famous illusions is his imitation of God's walking on water. According to the Christian belief, imitations of God's miracles, sends a message that they are trying to discredit God and undermine the miracles. Criss Angel walks on water as one of his illusions. Is this a 'devilish' attempt to discredit God?

It really looks like he's walking on water! He has, however, been 'exposed' if you want to call it that. People have posted videos mocking Criss Angel's magical illusion, but is it believable that this is fake. People say that he is merely walking on a straight piece of fiber glass and the camera angles make it seem true; however, Criss takes off both shoes right over where he's walking, and a girl crosses directly in front of his path in which the 'exposing videos' fail to explain. Is Criss really walking on water or is he trying to discredit God which proves to be a bit satanic? It's a possibility.

My point of view of whether Criss Angel is satanic or not is that there is a possibility. I'm catholic and I believe that any form of the devil within a person is not good. Creating illusions in which discredits God's wonderful miracles is just not an act of God's way. Satan is out to deceive people and show them the wrong paths through illusions, which are opposite of God's; magic and illusions are the same thing. Walking on water, I believe, is a miracle in itself, and Criss Angel walking on water is to discredit God's miracle. I also believe he could be of the devil because of his pictures. He looks so dark and evil which a not a way to present yourself if you follow God's way. The first picture seems a little bit evil. What do YOU think?

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  1. That is right what you said,but God Almighty revealed that he is fallen angel himself materialised to take as much as he can people to hell!