Friday, February 3, 2012

Visitors, From the Outside.. WHOAAA!!!

Do you know where the human race began? The evolutionary timeline of homo sapiens goes back a long way. Throughout that time, we can only remain skeptic to claims of religion and scientific theory. I wanted to write about the notion or belief in the Anu Nakis: alien visitors who are believed to be the ancestors of humans and possibly the missing link to our higher intelligence. Zacharia Sitchin is the author of a number of books that propose the theory of ancient aliens coming to Earth and spawning a new species (man). He written numerous novels about religious accounts/interpretations in the Sumerian text where visitors came from a distant planet to Earth and populated it with an inferior race of animals to mine gold for their benefit. It is the story of the Anu Nakis who are the superior alien visitors far back in time when their planet's atmosphere (The Twelfth Planet), that was being depleted because of extreme levels of penetrating radiation and other global issues. His interpretation of the texts from early man (mostly Sumerian but not limited to) state that the Anu Nakis only defense against the radiation was to create a shield of gold around their planet, or atleast in some way to fend off the high levels of radiation from their nearby star. To do so, some of their people came to Earth, genetically manipulated a native species (monkeys or primates) and produced workers who could mine the gold needed for their planet. There seems to be no concrete evidence in Sitchin's claims and his novels have been ridiculed for many decades

Now this may all seem bogus and many do believe that Zacharia Sitchin only wrote these books for the business of science fiction, which in turn, made him farely wealthy. But in reading his interpretations, and with the science we're able to perform today, (gene splicing, cross breeding plants and animals as well as the fact that gold is used on the space shuttle to protect the astronauts from radiation) there's room in the story for fact. As for me and believing in the claims, I cannot dismiss the story as truly fiction. We do not know the exact origin of humans but there are numerous theories to how we, humans with our intelligent brain capacity and capability, came to be. Whose to say aliens didn't play a part? It's something to think about.

Zacharia Sitchin's page:

You can also type in "Nasa's use of Gold" in Google and find links for it's benefits in Space.

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