Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hollow Earth Theory

Most people have heard of the theory of the earth being flat, at least until 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and did not fall off the edge.  Have you ever heard the theory of the earth being hollow?  I had not until recently. 
                There are many websites dedicated to this train of thought, and here is some information on the theory.  I admit that this concept is hard for me to grasp, but I will try to explain it as best I understand it.  There are several variations, but I will focus on the major current one.  The theory is that the earth is hollow beneath our feet, and by traveling to either the north or south poles one would be able to enter the center of the earth and live on the inside, similar to how we live now.  There is a central sun inside the earth, as well as other celestial bodies.  The proof for this theory goes back to the Bible where it is thought to explain that the inside of earth holds Eden, from where Adam and Eve were expelled after committing sin.  Others are thought to be hiding out there like the lost Tribes of Israel, and Germans who were vanquished after World War II.  This theory also explains that UFOs come from within the earth, not from space.  As a matter of fact Larry Foreman got this message from the people in the UFOs themselves who claim that they will save the good people of earth when an asteroid comes to destroy the earth (rapture).  Here is a link to the website propounding this theory. 
                The implications and consequences of believing in this theory could be that people will go looking for the holes to the center of the earth and be disappointed to not find them.  This does not even begin to describe the risks it takes to make the trek to the poles.  Also the website link does have a bit of a cult like bias attached to it which could suggest the idea of people being compelled to do some harmful things, which could turn into another Heaven’s Gate Cult. 
                The question at the center of this theory is whether or not this is a real theory.  The point of view of the scientific community is clear that it is not given all the data collected about space and earth.  The point of view of the believers in the hollow earth theory is that it is true and that it holds salvation.

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