Friday, February 3, 2012

Tarot Cards

Oh, tarot cards! I know it's complete non-sense, but I will admit to laying on my bed, shuffling my deck of tarot cards and having a blast "reading" the future. So, here's a little basic information about the tarot cards. In English speaking countries they are primarily used for divination purposes. Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future through supernatural or mystical means. This practice of using the cards for divination purposes dates back to the 18th century. In the deck of cards there are 78 cards. These 78 cards are broken down into 2 categories. Major and minor Arcana. So, you lay out the cards in a certain set up, and then your read the meanings. I've heard lots of funky things about what to do and what not to do with your deck of tarot cards. I've heard that you should carry them with you so they become "attached" to you. I've also heard that you should never let anyone else touch your cards. The purpose of the cards is for you to take time, and try and use the cards to seek information about the future, the past, relationships and the like. It's like having a fortune teller at your disposal. Personally, I have a skewed point of view. I know that these cards are completely silly; but I've also had some pretty cool experiences with them. I've done readings for people that have had some serious connections. It's been my experience that people can have some very strong reactions to the things that the cards "say". Now, I've done these readings as a friend, so I've never made any money off of it. There are some pretty hefty implications to people making a profit off of this type of service. Sometimes, people resort to these types of practices out of desperation. For example, the people who call psychic phone lines. And I think that it's morally wrong to take advantage of someone like that. Making a profit off of someone's desperation isn't okay. But like I've said, it's different when you have fun doing it, but a completely different ball game when you're taking advantage of someone's dyer need for information.

-Holly Pimpinelli


  1. Great post! I like how you examined the topic from various points of view. While it may seem silly to believe pieces of printed cardboard can predict the future, they can certainly be fun and produce interesting coincidences with real-life events. My friend uses a set of tarot cards with gorgeous art, and she once gave me a reading that was surprisingly accurate.

    I also agree with you that profitable psychic services (phone lines, tarot cards, etc.) are just exploitation of a person's desperation for answers. At that point, I would suggest counseling or a good confidante for the person in need.

  2. Good post, I did not know much about tarot cards and I found the information very interesting. I agree with you how it could be fun to do, but when someone starts to exploit it to make a profit on the unsuspecting public it can have horrible implications.

  3. I was a little sketchy about Tarot cards, but I feel they have a bit of truth to them. I had a rather enjoyable experience with my first Tarot reading.

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  4. I had a lot of Tarot card reading before and I have to admit they are fun (even though I do not believe in them). I even have a Tarot card deck myself and I do "readings" on my friends and family every once in awhile for fun (though I have to admit I am not that great at it). I have heard a lot about Tarot cards too. I once heard from a friend, a tarot card reader, that tarot cards must be recieved as a gift. If you buy a deck of tarot cards on your own the cards will not be as "powerful".