Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A new age way to "getting high" was created called I-Dosers. I became aware of this topic when my 15 year old cousin came home from school one day and asked me if he could download something called an I-Doser on my computer. Me being the great role model I am decided, yep not a problem. I even went so far as to download them for him after watching numerous YouTube videos of the successes of these I-Dosers. The purpose of the product is to create specific feelings in your body, that simulate being on drugs both illegal and legal. They are a way to spend a few bucks on a legal "high". The "science" behind the effects are that the tracks you download create binaural beats in your brain to create various mental effects. A binaural beat is when two different tones are played in each ear which creates a beating sensation in your brain, resulting in conflicting electrical signals in your brain's wiring. The high feeling you experience from this phenomena gives you altered states of consciousness. Now, along with most products there are some extravagent claims being made with these I-Dosers. One clain is that if you are susceptible to binaural beats, then you can actual implement these tracks as a way to get rid of your drug/alcohol addictions in a healthy way. They also give you a warning that not all people are able to feel this high because people are grouped into three categories. The first category is susceptible to binaural beats, the second being originally unsusceptible to binaural beats, with the third grouping being immune to binaural beats. In order to use these tracks successfully, if you are susceptible, is by going to a quiet and relaxing place such as laying down in your bed with the head phones on, letting yourself drift into an altered conscious state. This all sounds fine and dandy, except do we really know if this is safe? Supposedly the same binaural beats that can drift you into altered consciousness have been known to trigger seizures, and if the effects don't wear off immediately, would you want an I-Dosed individual behind the wheel of a car? These are problems at hand along with the fact that if they do work and an individual goes and crashes a car in an altered state, the police could do no testing to determine anything wrong with the individual. People could potentially be getting away with DUI's. Now as you all are probably wondering, did I in fact test out the downloaded I-Dosers. The answer quite frankly would be no. One reason being that I did not infact have headphones in my house due to my missing I-Pod and two being that the I-Doser my wonderful cousin wanted to test out was called Gates of Hades where people claim to have had an experience where they meet Satan himself, and I am just not that curious, or maybe just afraid of Satan, who knows.

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