Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Strength

People have always claimed of being "superhuman", but how much of it is true? Is it possible for someone to have such abilities that a "normal" human doesn't have. I recently discovered a show that's been out since 2009 called Stan Lee's Superhumans; this show basically travels around the world looking for superhumans. Dennis Rogers is a man of super strength; he can bend wrenches and nearly everything in sight. The question that stands with this super strength ability is the truth. Does Rogers really have super strength "powers" like no other human being or object? Is this show a possible breakthrough of real superhumans unlike the ones seen in comic books.

Some background information of Dennis Rogers, first, is that he is from Houston, Texas and stands at only 5'6''. In high school, he was weak, short, and only 88 pounds. He was determined to be strong and make a change from his "weakling" portrayal so he lifted weights and began testing his ability of strength. He is known around the world and entertains people with his strength. He's done all sorts of things with his strength like bend wrenches, horseshoes, tools, and even break out of shackles. He's stopped two air force planes from taking off and prevent a 100 horsepower Harley motorcycle from taking off. On the show he is taken to a place where his strength is tested and measured of how much strength it would take to do the things he has done.

Of course believing that he has this superhuman ability of strength, we are assuming that the tools he uses are real and have not been previously meddled with. For example, none of the tools or objects he bends or uses have been bent prior to the displays of strength. We're also assuming that he is not taking any enhancement drugs that will give him this amount of strength or any other supplement that may give him this ability. 
My point of view is more of a "believe it when I see it". Although the show had good ways of proving and backing up his claim with evidence that he has super strength unlike any human, I have to see for myself the amount of strength he has. With the test of how much weight it would take to bend a wrench compared to his bare hands bending it, it's quite abnormal for any human to take that on. As stated on the show, wrenches are designed to not bend. I believe that Roger's strength goes far and beyond past what any human could do, but I would have to see it, to believe it.

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  1. super strength is a miraculous thing. It is amazing how some people have so much strength while others have trouble with the slightest of tasks. Everyone's bodies are made differently and everyone reacts differently. But, what amazes me the most is that most super strength comes in time of need or danger. You hear a lot of stories about people in danger getting super human strength when something bad occurs or when they feel they are in grave danger. For instance, there are stories of a mother who lost a child under the car and she lifts the car, or a man who has enough strength to pick of a truck, or a female who weighs 90lbs. lifting a man in danger who is 160lbs. these moments are spectacular to think about. i have never been in a situation where i have had super strength but i have seen many times where people have been able to use their adreneline to gain strength they otherwise never would have had before.