Saturday, February 4, 2012


According to ABC news, this blood sucking creature has been sighted all over Texas and Mexico. Pictures and killings are proof enough for most people. The chupacabra is supposed to be about four feet high with wide, dark eyes, thin arms, and three fingers on each paw, stands on two legs and has small air holes for a nose, along with feathery spikes on its back. The killings show two fang marks where the creature is supposed to suck the blood from.

Question at Issue:
The question at issue is what is this animal and does it really suck the blood of its victims like a vampire. People only question this because their livestock gets mutilated at night and the only evidence is the two wounds left on its neck. They also have found dead dog like creatures that do not look like any dog they have ever seen before. Their questions are that if its not the Chupacabra like they believe then what is it?

People who do not believe that the chupacabra is real, believe that it is a dog with mange. With pictures, it does in fact look like one of Mexico's wild dogs with a bad case of mange. While believers have put it off to alien creatures come down from space or a vampire dog. People who have the dead chupacabra's sometimes have them stuffed because it is as strange as big foot or the loch ness.
Point of View:
With my experience in the wild, I do not believe in the Chupacabra. I have seen a lot of strange creatures but nothing I couldn't understand. I believe that the Chupacabra is in fact a dog either with a disease or a new breed of dog that no one has discovered yet. I also believe that the Chupacabra should always be a mystery to keep people entertained.

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