Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Friday Superstition: Don't Do Laundry, You'll Wash the Head of the House Away

I chose this topic because it's probably something that not many people have heard of. The purpose of this post is to enlighten people on this growing superstition and see where exactly it came from. Growing up, I was brought up Roman Catholic and was always told never to do wash on Good Friday because it would wash the head of the household away. Here's some information about the topic at hand: Good Friday is considered a day of rest and a day to repent sins as well as partaking in lent.  It symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This was a saying that I learned which started with my great grandmother and was passed down over the years. I wanted to see if my family was just crazy or if there was something legitimate behind it. In fact, it is mentioned in the Bible. It was said that it was dangerous to wash clothes on Good Friday because clothes hung out on that day would be stained with blood. The story from the bible says that as Jesus was walking along with the cross, a woman was washing clothes and he cursed her because she threw dirty water on him. The taboo superstition that came from this is that women who washed clothes on Good Friday would be cursed with bad luck or death. The question is, is this legitamite or pseudoscience? Well, while religion is something people thoroughly believe in and hope is right, it cannot be proven which therefore makes this notion pseudoscience.  My point of view is as such: as ridiculous as it may sound, part of me is still a little leary about doing wash on that day because of how I've been taught and brought up and my religion. Maybe I'm too superstitious, but I'd be afraid to go against it now, myself, personally.

By: Amanda Wood

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  1. I like this, it could be Good Friday in my house all the time. I'll have to remember this excuse next year!!