Monday, February 27, 2012

Psuedoscience and the Disney Channel

So Weird was a show on the Disney channel from 1999-2001. It focused on a daughter and her mother traveling around in a tour bus. The mother was  a musican and the daughter had a knack to running into all sorts of creepy and spooky things. There were episodes involving werewolves, ESP, crop circles and anything else you can think of. The question at issue is, can psuedoscience be introduced to the youth without any  moral issues the producers?

I'm going to post the first part to an episode called Will-o-the-Wisp.

 So, in this tv series, it opens it's viewers up to the lighter side of psuedoscience. Having kids think of ghosts and werewolves is a whimsical idea. Although frightening to some, there is very little downside besides the occasional nightmare. However, the negative implications to some psuedoscience exposure can have catastrophic effects. The business of selling products through psuedoscience is very slimy. With talks of "ancient medicine", cure-alls, and the outstanding prices, the businessmen know they are taking someone's money unjustly. When dealing with psuedoscience, we taking people's honesty for when contrasting this to the negatives of predatory psuedoscience the difference is huge. As we've talked about in class the negatives with some psuedosicence can be outrageous. In the mind of a child, is there anything negative with believing in a little psuedoscience? For example, the real life information of the Will-O'-the-Wisp is a chemical reaction that occurs when methane, mixed with another compound can spotaneously ignite and can create a glowing over bogws and marshes. Should children be exposed to the scientific realtites of life as soon as they are able to comprehend the truth? Or should they believe that the glowing they might see over the marsh is a mystiacal lamp trying to guide them away from the safe path? Do you think that fairytales ought to be knocked off the book shelves and replaced with textbooks? What are the consequences of letting kids be exposed to this kind of mysticism?

Chime in! Let me know your oppinion!

-Holly Pimpinelli

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