Sunday, February 26, 2012


Levitation is the art of ascending into the air and floating in apparent defiance of gravity. According to eyewitnesses, Daniel Home levitated several times in the 1800's. As Milbourne Christopher debunked Home's magic trick by stating that he simply took off his shoes in a dark room and acted as they were rising when he was lifting them in the air. Levitation can also be found in different religions. These people associate levitation with being possessed or being so blessed that they are given this gift. This "gift" has been around for a very long time and is still said to be used. For example, Criss Angel has not only levitated himself but a whole room of people in L.A. He also has came out with his book, which has a do it yourself levitation trick in it. Also used in movies, levitation makes people believe that something important is happening. This art can sometimes be hard to debunk but no matter how many succeed in debunking, people around the world will still believe it is possible, and in fact try to do it themselves.

The purpose of doing this trick is to show that the magician can over come gravity, which is quite impossible and when done seems amazing. For the religious people saying that they levitate, it is because they believe that they are very blessed and it is a way of showing people how blessed they really are. You are more likely to see this act in horror films where the person is possessed and lifts off the ground, this is to show how powerful one force can be.

Question at issue:
The questions that need to be answered is why do many people believe they can perform this trick. And how are there so many meanings to just this one simple act. Does it really have to do with being blessed or just overcoming gravitational force? Many people believe this could be true. Knowing these questions make people more curious about what is happening.

Point of View:
From my point of view, this is not possible. We know to much about how gravity works and how there is really no way to actually make yourself float. If it were possible, everyone would do it and no longer need other means of travel. I am an open minded person but this seems extreme. Yes, it does fascinate me to watch people like Criss Angel perform this trick, but no I wouldn't try it myself. To me, people believe in this to make them feel better, whether its for religion or just a magic trick.


  1. I remember as a kid we would always try to make out friends levitate using just a few fingers to lift them off the ground. I guess it was the thing to do back then and we were a weird group, anyway we never got it to work. The YouTube video is great, I guess i need to read up on Criss Angel and try again. Thanks

  2. I always see on television the show with Criss Angel, MInd Freak and he is always doing tricks with levitation. I never understood how people could levitate. I was always intrigued and wanted to learn to do so myself but i never found the time to spend to learn these tricks. I do not understand how people can defy gravity long enough to do these tricks, but it always amazes me when i see it. You see people levitate from building to building, above water, or just off the ground. There is that game, :light as a feather, stiff as a board", i always used to try that, but it would never work out. There are also people who take it very seriously in magic shows when they levitate someone and using a hoola hoop they show you that there are no strings attatched. this is very cool and i am always impressed. i wish i could do this.

  3. I think that levitation is probably one of my favorite forms of pseudoscience just because the nature of the illusion is so fantastic. This is an awesome post and really informative!