Thursday, August 4, 2022

Blog Post #2 The End of the World

     The idea of the world ending can be a scary thought to the average person. Most would think that if there was ever a time for this to happen, there would be major warning signs to indicate this calamity. Although this may seem realistic, often times these occasions are foretold more-so like conspiracy theories. In the past few decades and many more to follow there will be new theorists who come out with new dates in time where humanity and the world will spontaneously cease to exist.  As stated before this can be a scary piece of information to try to process.  These theories spread like wildfire throughout news outlets and many other forms of media causing society to panic and begin to prepare for the world as they know it to change or even die off. The confusing part of this panic is that every single prediction for the world to end so far has been off the mark. 

    Despite the fact that eventually, a person will be correct about the end of the world, it is pretty easy to presume that when these theories of the end of the world come out they're most likely false. Considering this, it is incredibly jarring that the word of a wannabe Nostradamus can grasp the urgency of society easier and much more effective than the obvious signs that have already been showed of how we are currently destroying the world ourselves with humanities carelessness towards the environment. That is end of the world that we as a whole should have been focusing on all of these years. 


  1. Hello Tayvon, I totally agree the world ending is so terrifying. I also picked this topic to talk about as well because there is so much false information that has been given out to the world for years now. I can see at least one person being correct about the end of the world, but usually they are false about it.

  2. I also wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your post! Great job