Sunday, August 7, 2022

Blog #1 UFO's


In the town of Snowflake, Arizona, a man is abducted by aliens because he got out of the loggers truck and got too close because he was interested in seeing what the big light was hovering above the forest. He said he was abducted and on a space craft and then left some 30 miles from his house. There have been may reports around the world throughout the years of flying objects. This reports for years have been hidden away from the people and the government has been covering up unexplained activity. Until, recently with the use of the Freedom of Information Act, regular people can now request information about things that were one considered classified. Many documents have since been released. It appears in recent years that the world is recognizing there is a world out there besides our own.


I have always believed that there is life out there that is more advanced then our own. The solar system is massive and there is no way we can be the only life out there. From what we have learned throughout the history of alien encounters is that they project radioactivity from themselves and the way they fly around so it would be dangerous for us to coexist on the same planet.


  1. I find the story from Snowflake, Arizona really interesting. A man got taken by aliens because he was curious about a light in the sky. Reports about flying objects and strange happenings were kept secret for a long time. But now, with the Freedom of Information Act, we're learning more about them. I've always thought that there could be advanced life on other planets, since space is so big. The idea that aliens might give off radiation and have special ways of flying makes these stories even more exciting.