Monday, August 8, 2022

Blog#3 Mass Delusions and Hysteria


The mass delusions and hysteria that started in Salem also spread to New York. The people of Salem were panicked over hearsay and baseless accusations. Back on those days the role that words of the mouth gossip played is similar to social media frenzies that we witness nowadays. It is not surprising that mass hysteria is common even in 21st century, although it is ironic. We can send men to the moon yet we are still prone to mass paranoia like the citizens of Salem. The best way to combat biases and fallacies that result in mass hysteria and delusions, is to challenge people’s ignorance. It is important for people to be skeptical about unsupported claims, like for example, the claims made by aromatherapists. It is especially essential for people to be vigilant about unproven claims made by people and companies, because it is easier now to fall prey to marketing via social media.

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