Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Blog #2: Subliminal Messaging and the Mozart Effect

 Kaitlyn LeVance

Lecture 5 goes over subliminal messaging and the Mozart effect. Both of these topics are covered and are debunked of their claims that they can alter the mind in a positive way. The Mozart effect in particular, states that those who listen to classical music and Mozart specifically will gain a higher IQ and have an increase in over all intelligence. Prior to this lecture, I have never heard of this effect and so I did further research.

There is not evidence to prove that the Mozart Effect is actually effective and will improve someones overall general intelligence. And the studies that have been done, show that any improvement that was gained within participants, was very short lived. I also found out that this effect was mostly studied amongst children. This is because parents were eager to have a "smart" baby, and where willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their children's intelligence. This makes me wonder to what extend parents will go to try and have a "smart" baby, and what will expose their children to to try and increase their intelligence.

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  1. Yeah I was one of the babies who's parents played mozart recordings for. I vaguely remember a VHS tape of little animals doing things as mozart music played. The only thing it actually did for me was give me a love and appreciation for classical music from a young age. As far as making me smart, I don't believe it had any effect on the way I came out as I am a pretty average person just as my younger siblings are (who most of which did not watch the mozart VHS tapes). My mother to this day thinks they made me smart even though I told her about this topic we learned and she still fights me on it. The only thing they did is make me a classical pianist. That's all. Great post!