Thursday, August 4, 2022

Bigfoot and The Jersey Devil

 When I was younger, I watched "Finding Bigfoot" on TV. I remember being fascinated by every episode, wondering if they would ever find anything resembling Bigfoot. I remember believing in Bigfoot as a teenager. However, I believe it is a theory, and nothing is out there. 

The same goes for The Jersey Devil. I remember hearing about it in middle school, not thinking anything of it. However, I recently saw a video that opened my eyes to believe something was out in the Batsto forest. It might not be The Jersey Devil, but it is an energy. 

Finding Bigfoot

The Jersey Devil


  1. When I was a child, I used to have a weird fascination with many mystical creatures some I thought were real while others seemed to be a hoax. I strongly remember the show "Finding Bigfoot" and always wondered how they could spend so much time searching for anything at all just to always find practically nothing but rumors. In many of the episodes, it looked like all the main characters did was react drastically to every sound they ever heard while being outdoor in the open wilderness. This being said I no longer believe in Bigfoot however I do believe that we have yet to uncover every part of our planet earth so there very well could be some kind of possibility that a creature such as Bigfoot could exist. Even today we are continuing to discover new and evolved species that have yet to be identified.

  2. At a young age I did slightly believe in Bigfoot. I thought it was something fun to believe in and I would always see those youtube videos where'd they'd fake hunt down a Bigfoot which was really just someone in a fur suit. And my young mind was convinced that they really were hunting down bigfoot. A lot of cartoons I watched growing up did have an episode that involved bigfoot so the fact that it was everywhere also influenced me to believing in him. Now I don't believe there is a Bigfoot. If there was one we would more than likely have proof by now.