Saturday, August 6, 2022

Blog Post #2 Learning Styles/False Memories

 This is another topic I was excited to see because I remember learning about them and I could never find one that way best for me so I always just thought I was stupid because I couldn't find a method for me. I'm actually pretty happy about the fact that learning styles do not exist because it makes me feel better about my inability to figure out what my style is. I think that one of the biggest flaws of this idea is that teachers trying to adapt this into the classroom is nearly impossible to get each of the styles or to personalize each assignment to each student. I do find it interesting that the whole learning style theory very much seems like it would hold it's weight but it just does not translate to the things we want students to actually learn. It's very interesting that because so many people believe the theory, it makes the theory more believable. One good outcome I can think of coming from trying to uphold this theory in the classroom is that a teacher may use several different methods to get the same point across and that maybe the repetition of the information being presented could help students learn it better. 

As a forensic psychology student, I've always been very interested in the way that memories can be shifted and even small suggestions can change a persons whole perspective. I loved the video of Derren paying with plain paper at stores and actually getting away with it. It almost makes me wonder how many times at work I've accepted something that wasn't cash because I was distracted by someone trying to engage in conversation. I think it is interesting that suggestion during an interview can make someone's memory of an event completely change, this is really scary because it can have real life effects during eye witness testimonies and so many innocent people have been put in prison because of damaging eye witness testimonies. I had been aware of the past studies where participants were asked about the speed of the cars hitting each other. I had never heard about these stressful interrogation studies and how even being under so much stress cannot change the way that they remember things. 

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