Saturday, August 6, 2022

Blog Post #1 Subliminal Messaging and the Mozart Effect

 I was so excited to see that subliminal messaging was a topic we were going to be covering in this course. Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with this phenomenon and terrified seeing all of the "illuminati" messaging in my favorite shows as a child. I even remember watching Zoey 101 as a kid and seeing one of the characters up close wearing a shirt where all you could see were the words "ill" and saying to my friend "Imagine if it zoomed out and the shirt said Illuminati" AND IT DID. I know subliminal messaging can be used for more than just illuminati things but thats my favorite example. It was actually really interesting to learn that subliminal messaging self help tapes date as far back as 1987 since these sort of videos still are around today. However, the videos that are around today are much more outlandish and can promise things like "Lose 20lbs overnight" and "Look like Ariana Grande" 

While I had heard of The Mozart Effect before, I didn't realize that this was something that people were still interested in I thought it was a fad a very long time ago. I did not think that any part of my childhood could have been influenced by this phenomenon until I saw the clip from Little Einsteins that had been included and just now it is clicking to me that that show was more fun way of getting children to listen to Mozart and possibly experience the Mozart effect. I do agree that since there is a significant lack of evidence that shows that listening to Mozart makes children smarter that these methods should be thrown out. However, Little Einsteins was a great show and I think kids should still get to watch it. 

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