Sunday, August 7, 2022

Blog Post #3: Psychic Crime Detectives

    Psychics are blessed with an amazing ability that can mend broken hearts, help those grieving, and be a messenger for individuals wanting to reach out to their loved ones that have passed on. Being that they interact with things we can't see daily,  I think it's amazing that they attempt to help criminal investigations such as Noreen Reiner. I enjoyed her story and how she was able to provide useful information about the disappearance of Charles Chapel. Despite her information not being completely accurate, the police department was shocked according to lecture 6. I took it upon myself to research Noreen Reiner to learn more about her experience as a psychic detective and I was impressed. She has many accolades and I almost got carried away by watching so many youtube videos on cases she has worked on. 

    Despite her information not being completely accurate, they were able to solve the case of Charles Chapel and close it. I notice when it comes to psychic abilities, it sparks skepticism, and most nonbelievers think it's all nonsense. In my opinion, psychics aren't the all-knowing being walking among us, we aren't either, so of course, they're not going to provide every detail accurately. If anything, she did an amazing job, and the other cases that she has solved that consist of murders was also closed. The link below is a psychic interacting with a skeptic, and it was pretty interesting!

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