Friday, August 5, 2022

Blog #3: Aromatherapy

     I’ve struggled with anxiety since a very young age, and my mom took me to see one of her fellow yoga class attendees whose occupation was a licensed therapist. This woman introduced me to essential oils when I was young and I was obsessed with them. My mom would put the various oils into an oil diffuser and create a nice ambience in our house. I always found them to be super calming and put me into a Zen like state of mind. I would also attend yoga classes with my mom where essential oils were a key factor to the specific type of yoga we were practicing. My favorite part of the yoga class was the last 15 minutes of the class where we would lay down with our eyes closed, a blanket covering our bodies, and meditate to very calming music. The instructor would draw lines of essential oils over our foreheads. It felt like heaven. My freshman year of college was a time where I experienced a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety, so my parents provided me with a lavender essential oil from the store White Lotus that you can use as a roller to put on your wrist and neck. Before exams I’d always give my wrist a big whiff and became noticeably calmer. Is it a placebo? Maybe, who knows. All I know is that personally essential oils have aided me in coping with anxiety and many others who deal with similar struggles.

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  1. Like many others I to have struggled with anxiety in the past. Personally, I have never tried yoga however multiple studies show that yoga has a great number of benefits on the body and mind. People who participate in yoga often live happier and healthier live and have even been known to live longer when compared to those who don't. Who knows perhaps one day I will give it a try. I've been using essential oils for years and now I swear by it. Essential oils have so many benefits. I've found that certain scents can help me focus and remain calm while others have helped me sleep during challenging times.