Friday, August 5, 2022

Blog #2: Coming to an end

Mariah Schley

Lecture 4 discusses the possibility of the world coming to an end. For centuries many have believed that the world would soon come to an end. However, time after time the sun fell just to rise again. Hearing that the world might soon come to an end was a scary concept for me. This was particularly because I'm so young and often felt as if I have beardly begun to live. However, due to rapid increases in global pollution and the advancement of nuclear weapons, this could very well increase the cases of the world coming to an end.

Despite the world not yet coming to an end I strongly believe that the world will not last forever. Like many other things, we all have an expiration date. Quite honestly the world could end in a number of different ways, for instance, we could possibly use up all of the earth's resources and poison the growth preventing new growth this is why it is so important that we learn to coexist with nature and that care of our planet.

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  1. Many people think about the world coming to an end however they should be more worried about living their lives to the fullest everyday. Take every moment we have and do something we love, don't waste our lives away working when we can be enjoying ourselves on the beach in Spain or across the world in Canada enjoying life with a lot of sunlight and very little darkness.

    Many things will happen with technology that we don't always have control over. The world isn't going to end because a server crashed. The current most believable reason is that an asteroid will collide with earth and cause destruction, however it could also be a nuclear attack, but we should not live life in fear about what may happen in the future.