Sunday, August 7, 2022

Blog #3: Mystical creatures

Mariah Schley

Lecture 2 reviews information on a few of the many mythical creatures such as the Jersey devil and bigfoot. Bigfoot is a well-known mystical creature. Based on recent tv shows this creature has been known to hide from other forms of life. This is very unlike the Jersey Devil who has been known to torment people. The Jersey Devil has also been known to prey on the livestock of farmers. Each time that I think of Bigfoot, I think of people running around the woods at night aimlessly with a camera in an attempt to find him. This being said I'm not saying that either Bigfoot or the Jersey devil is real or not. I know that we have not yet discovered all of Earth's creatures. Till this day we constantly discover new species. Therefore, we are not able to make assumptions until all possibilities have been evaluated.

The Jersey Devil - James F. McCloy, Ray Miller - Google Books

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