Monday, August 1, 2022

Blog Post 3, How we learn by Frank Runza

 For as long as we can remember learning styles were talked about in our lives. Maybe not in our daily lives, but often enough that we are familiar with the concept. As it stands there are three learning styles visual, touch or sensations, and auditory or hearing. Each person learns a different way, and not one of these learning styles is a one size fits all shoe. A person could learn using all of these methods, or maybe said person only learns using one of these methods. Personally, I am a visual and hands-on learner, but if you told me how to do something I would have no idea. It would simply go in one ear and out the other. 

According to learning style theory, everyone learns differently, but is the learning style theory true? I tend to believe that the learning style theory is true, but there are many who may disagree with me. A huge barrier to learning style theory is that it is hard to see how people learn right away. In the classroom setting, it is also almost impossible to accommodate every person's learning style one hundred percent. 

I think that it is very important that learning styles be brought up in school, and people are educated on the fact that they exist. We've all been there when someone was explaining something to you, and you just didn't get it. Next thing you know you are being yelled at for not listening. Understanding that people learn in different ways will at least give you the education to understand not everyone can learn by hearing, and you need to teach each person differently. Learning style theory may not be one hundred percent accurate, but understanding that people learn in different ways should be the main takeaway from the theory at the very least.


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