Thursday, August 4, 2022

Blog #1: UFO sightings and alien abduction

 Mariah Schley

Lecture 8 reviews UFOs and alien lifeforms. Throughout time in history UFO sightings have continued to be reported by thousands of people each year. Sightings of UFOs and reports of people having interactions with extraterrestrial beings have been dated back as far as some of the oldest cave drawings. Egyptians even reported the presence of UFOs which can be seen in some of the many pyramid inscriptions. Despite very little knowledge known about the galaxy many believe that there is no possibility of other forms of life outside of our planet Earth. 

I'm not quite sure that I would agree. Many others argue that extraterrestrial life does not only exist but also live among us. A great deal of people have reported sightings of UFO's around top-secret military bases such area 51. A great deal of people believe that this hints that the government is attempting to hide alien lifeforms perhaps to avoid mass panic in society. Without further knowledge there is no sure way to conclude the presence of extraterrestrial life however I believe that as we continue to advance our technology we can perhaps come to truths with this topic. 

Life as We Do Not Know It: The NASA Search for (and Synthesis of) Alien Life - Peter Ward - Google Books

Alien abduction experiences. - PsycNET (

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