Monday, August 1, 2022

Book Report

Factfulness - By: Hans Rosling

General Overview

This book is about ten reasons why we are wrong about the world and why things are better than we think. The first instinct that distorts our perspective is the gap instinct. We need to start looking at the majority. The second is the negativity instinct. We need to expect bad news. The third is the straight line instinct. We need to remember that curves come in different shapes. The fourth is the fear instinct. We need to calculate the risks. The fifth is the size instinct. We need to understand things in proportion. The sixth is the generalization instinct. We need to question our categories. The seventh is the density instinct. We need to remember that slow change is still change. The eighth is the single perspective instinct. We need to test ideas and limit expertise. The ninth is the blame instinct. We need to resist finding a scapegoat. The tenth is the urgency instinct. We need to take small steps.

Favorite Part

The negativity instinct was a chapter in the book that really caught my attention. The instinct focuses on how people really only notice the bad, when in reality there are far more positive things being ignored. For example, the news broadcasts a lot of material that would make a person believe the world is a negative place. However, they fail to broadcast all the positive things that happen. This creates a false reality to viewers. People are bombarded with all this negativity that they fail to realize that the world is not as bad as they think because they are oblivious to all the positive things.

How This Book Relates To The Class

Factfulness was about how people are wrong about the world. This class was about a different view on unexplainable things. Humans think they have everything figured out. Some people live by science, as others live by a greater power. This book, as well as this class, shows how everyone in some way shape or form, can view the world in a different way from their original perspective.

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