Friday, August 5, 2022

Blog #2: Salem Witch Trials

When I got to taking notes on the final lecture, I was ecstatic to see that the Salem Witch Trials were a part of the class material. I greatly enjoyed learning about these insane events in high school, and I still get skeptical to whether or not they actually occurred because of how mind blowing it was. Something that I was not aware of about the Salem Witch Trials prior to reading the slides was that two dogs were accused and executed. Besides the iconic Great Gatsby, The Crucible was my second favorite book that we were assigned to read my junior year of high school in my American literature and composition class. It’s crazy to think about because witchcraft is seen as trendy nowadays thanks to apps like Tiktok, but was seen as evil enough to result in execution back in the 1600’s. Given the fact that I’m a tarot card reader myself, I would have been toast.

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